Welcome to our website. It is our prayer that anyone visiting our church in person or via the internet would be edified. Here’s a bit of our heritage and our focus.

Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes is part of a fellowship of churches founded by pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in California. In 1977, pastor Bil Gallatin was called by the Lord to come from there to New York to start a Bible study. God began drawing people which led to several studies each week and soon a church had formed in Victor, NY. The Holy Spirit was moving in such a great way, it rapidly grew to five Sunday morning services. When there was no more room for growth, the fellowship moved to a location in nearby Farmington, NY, where it has remained since 1985. In 2003 the Lord called pastor Bil to travel and encourage other churches, particularly in Europe. At that point, I answered God’s leading to take the position of primary teaching pastor at the church.

Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, including this local church. We acknowledge Him as Lord and each of the ministries has Christ at the center of all that is done. Whether it is the School of Ministry, the Sunday School classroom or the church radio station, our desire is for Jesus to receive all credit and glory for all that is accomplished.

We know we are here for a reason and Jesus has given us a very clear mission. That mission is to make disciples. With a heavy emphasis on the Scriptures, everything we do is aimed at discipleship. We have found that it can be encapsulated in three words: “Follow-Mature-Serve”. To follow Him means we are pursuing a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ. To mature means that we not only hear His words but obey His words and are aiming at being conformed into His image. To serve means that we present our lives as living sacrifices, not only to Him, but to humanity as well. It is our sincere desire that anyone who attends and considers themselves an active member here will own that mission as well. They will be introduced to Jesus as Savior and Lord, become His disciple, and be fulfilled by pursuing the very reason they were created until Jesus returns.

-Pastor Scott Gallatin-