CCFL School of MinistryThis is a two year program with the school year divided into semesters. Exact dates are given with the schedule of courses.

Fall: September – December
Winter: January – April


Classes average three hours with up to two classes per day. School is in session from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.


The entire class gathers together every morning for daily devotions. Each student will be called on at some point to share what the Lord is revealing to them through the scripture.

Monday Morning Prayer

After devotions on Mondays the male and female students separate to spend time in prayer.

Student Service

To give the students a chance to experience the practical application of what serving the Lord is all about, they are given areas of ministry to serve in. Service takes place three times a week, for 90 minutes, at the end of the day. Specific service assignments are prayed over and filled at the beginning of each semester.

Mission Trip

Students are required to serve on a mission trip scheduled by CCSM at some time during their two years here at CCSM. Details will be announced as the semester progresses.

Castle Trip (Life Ministries)

Every semester the entire school travels to Pennsylvania to serve in a variety of ways. Situated on a hill overlooking the Allegheny River in Franklin, PA, “The Castle” provides a relaxed setting for groups and individuals seeking quiet time with the Lord. CCSM serves for two weeks in the fall semester and one week in the spring semester.

Local Outreach

Every Friday CCSM endeavors to reach out to the local community. Whether it is by street witnessing or nursing home visits, our desire is to impact the community with the truth of the Gospel!